Below are a few clips from our first season, entitled Be A Girl. They will give you a good idea of our voice and our style. A link to the trailer for our first season is here as well.

Hope you enjoy!


Day in the life

In our first episode, “Brigade” we talk with the cooks about the hierarchy of the kitchen and how cooks work their way up. This clip is a compilation of interviews with cooks talking about their typical day.


Odd one out

In our second episode, “Oddity”, Katy sits down with her friends and coworkers and talks about what it’s like to be the only woman in the kitchen.


Hardest place to Work

In the episode entitled "Chef”, Katy talks with her friends about what it means to gain the title of Chef and the difference between being a home cook and a professional one. In this clip, everyone discusses why some kitchens try to be the hardest place to work, and how this idea has led to a homogenous idea of “Chef” (i.e. white dude).