BONUS: Awards & Imposter Syndrome w/ Geraldine DeRuiter


It’s been a wild few months for us at Copper & Heat! Back in April we won a James Beard Broadcast Media Award and we’re still reeling. In this episode, Katy talks to Geraldine DeRuiter, another James Beard Media winner, about some of the complicated feelings that come along with winning an award, being in the spotlight, and how we keep creating.


There are a couple of Geraldine’s blog posts that we talk about in the episode, here they are! 

For more info on this year’s James Beard Media Awards:

  • View the full list of winners here

  • View the full Media Awards Ceremony here

Geraldine and I talk about some of the issues with representation and recognition in awards, but there’s so much more to the topic. Here are a couple other articles about what’s happening (or not happening) to improve representation in food media: