Be A Girl - Episode 1 - Brigade


Why are restaurant kitchens organized the way they are? What is a kitchen brigade? What does a typical day for a cook look like? How does someone move up the ranks? And what do women do to work their way up the ranks in a kitchen?

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Some of the stats

  • Women make up a little over 50% of students graduating culinary schools

  • Women make-up over 50% of total foodservice employees

  • Somewhere between 30%-50% of back-of-house employees are

  • 27% of line cooks are ladies

  • 19% of chefs are ladies

  • 7% of head or executive chefs are ladies

  • “28 Pie Charts That Show Female Representation in Food” by Amanda Kludt

We've been working on this season since January of 2018. It all started by reading a book...

And then I (Katy) spent several months reading things on the internet, overthinking everything going on at work, and stewing before finally deciding to start the podcast. Check out some of the articles that inspired this first season.