Be A Girl - Episode 8 - Changes


This is the last episode in the season Be A Girl. Over the last 7 episodes, we’ve talked about a lot of the challenges facing women working in restaurant kitchens - from the hierarchical structure of the kitchen, to the stereotypical view of women’s cooking. Though there aren’t any clear-cut solutions we ask: What has changed? How are those changes affecting people in the industry? Where do we go from here?


Check out these other podcasts. All their episodes are great, but these are some of our favorites.

Here are some organizations and businesses that are doing some really cool things in the industry:

  • La Cocina “is a nonprofit working to solve problems of equity in business ownership for women, immigrants, and people of color” by providing business mentorship, incubation, and marketing for new food businesses.

  • The Table - The mission of The Table is to “empower and support womxn in the food industry… The Table is committed to closing the gap in representation and leadership fo womxn in the food industry. By providing an environment to cultivate and showcase talent, we will create a paradigm shift in championing the next generation of chefs and independent food makers.”

  • Radical Xchange “is an experience based collective. We use food and beverage as a converyor for art, music, history and community.” This year (2019) they hosted the first Resistance Served conference that was all about giving “context to the hospitality industry and celebrate what Black and African-American peoples have created.”

  • Equity At The Table operates under the mantra “Build a longer table, not a higher fence.” it is a “digital directory for women/non-binary individuals in food with a focus on POC and LGBTQ+ members.

  • Cherry Bombe is a biannual magazine, podcast, and annual Jubilee conference that celebrates women and food.