About Us 

Copper & Heat is a podcast exploring the unspoken rules and traditions of restaurant kitchens through the stories of people that work in them. Independently produced in Oakland, California.

Winner of the 2019 James Beard Broadcast Media Award: Best Podcast

Season 1: Be A Girl

Women represent only 19% of chefs, and 7% of head chefs, across the culinary world.
— RestaurantHER.com

Be A Girl is a sound-rich, serialized narrative focused on the question: why do women only represent 19% of chefs, and 7% of head chefs, across the culinary world? 

Through co-creator Katy Osuna’s experience working in Michelin-starred kitchens in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the stories of other kitchen employees, we explore how the pressures of traditional masculinity in kitchens impact the people that work in them.

The eight episodes in this season weave together:

  • Katy’s personal narrative 

  • Discussions with cooks who have worked in some of the country’s most elite restaurants

  • A conversation with Katy’s old boss, Chef David Kinch

  • A panel discussion between Chefs Dominique Crenn, Reem Assil, and Tonya Holland hosted by The New York Times

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Why We're Making This Podcast

Copper & Heat challenges the exclusionary systems that cooks and chefs have been upholding for generations. We focus on issues that underpin and enable exclusion in the restaurant industry that many don’t question. Why are professional kitchens organized the way they are? What makes a great chef? Who gets the most media attention and awards? Why is the culinary industry dominated by white men?

The restaurant industry is at a point where a lot of ground work has been laid for change. But in order for change to happen, more conversations about gender, race, and privilege in the kitchen need to take place. Copper & Heat is focused on starting conversations like that with the people that are working through these issues in restaurant kitchens every day.


Katy Osuna

Co-Creator & Executive Producer

Ricardo Osuna

Co-Creator & Producer

Rachel Palmer